Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Travel Tuesday - Esperanza Resort Cabo

Here are some pictures from our Cabo vacation.  We stayed at the Esperanza Resort and I absolutely fell in love with the place.  You can see why LeAnn Rimes frequents the resort. LeAnn Rimes was actually staying at Esperanza Resort while we were there!

The pool was my favorite part and pretty much where I spent the most of my trip.

The food by the pool and in all the main restaurants is delicious.  Shrimp ceviche and fish tacos were among my favorites.  We also ate at the Mexican fiesta that they have on Thursdays and we had a front row seat for the most amazing fireworks that were falling into the ocean...beautiful!!!

We were in a spa casita pictured above and below.

We had a large porch with our own infinity hot tub.

When not at the pool we were usually in the main bar above.  The service was great and I think they enjoyed hanging out with us(watching us get tipsy) after a few too many margaritas!

Here is a picture of the main restaurant, it is beautiful overlooking the ocean on a cliff.

We had a fabulous time and I can't wait to go back!  I love that Cabo is only a 2 hour flight from Los Angeles!  There are more photos here from my previous post and you can find the Esperanza Resort website here.

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