Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Travel Tuesday - The Inn at Spanish Bay

We went on a 5 night trip to Pebble Beach last week and stayed at the Inn at Spanish Bay...it was absolutely amazing.  Definitely one of the most beautiful places in the US if not the world.  You actually feel like you could be in Scotland or another country and not in California. 

What does one do at Pebble Beach?  Well besides drinking wine and walking around Carmel...golf, of course!  This was my first time playing golf and I chose to play at Spyglass...I know, I am crazy!  I actually have ONE picture to prove it. We walked the course and just took in the beauty around us which took my mind off of how bad of a golfer I was.  The front of the course is on the water and then you go into a beautiful wooded and green area where deer leisurely walk in front of you.  Beyond!

We stayed at the Inn at Spanish Bay and I loved how relaxed and quiet it was.  The Lodge at Pebble Beach is another hotel option in the Pebble Beach Resort.  The Lodge is beautiful and more my style but the lobby is really busy and it is a big tourist attraction so I think I actually prefer the Inn at Spanish Bay....And you can still dine at the Lodge and charge to your room at Spanish Bay and you also have access to the Pebble Beach Club, which is worth a visit...the dining room is beautiful!

The fire pits outside were my favorite part.

The famous bagpiper makes an appearance every morning and night.

We attended a cocktail party in the Troon Room...it was a perfect venue with private fire pits and ocean views.

Here are a few more pics I took of the Spanish Bay and Spyglass courses.

images via me and here

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